Learning a New Language

Photo by Will van Wingerden on Unsplash


  1. Language family
  2. The Sardinian professor fighting to save Gaelic — and all Europe’s minority tongues
  3. Learning a language — 10 things you need to know
  4. Multilingual Web
  5. The benefits of a bilingual brain — Mia Nacamulli
  6. Mandela was right: the Foreign Language Effect
  7. Languages: Why we must save dying tongues
  8. How learning a new language improves tolerance
  9. After the Death of Her Father, a Woman Reconnects with a Language She Hasn’t Spoken in Years
  10. What Remains When Your First Language Fades Away
  11. Wikidata project to tackle language barriers in scientific research — Factor
  12. Try Content Translation: A quick way to create new articles from other languages



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John Samuel

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